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‘No, I don’t wear make up. Yes, I know that I have red spots on my face. No, your comments will not make me start to wear make up but YES I’m worried about what your comments could do to others in the same position so PLEASE people stop asking me ‘What is wrong with my face’.
I have a pretty thick skin and can use my smile to hide any anger I have towards people but for the next girl you might go up to and ask them these questions or comment about their appearance they might not feel the same way.
It might surprise you that I don’t wear make up or the fact that I could easily cover up the blemishes on my face but don’t. It worries me that people feel like they have to comment on my appearance because it is different to most others. It worries me that society almost insists that women/girls have to wear make up to feel confident/ it worries me that someone’s comments could ruin someone else’s confidence which then leads them to believe they now HAVE to wear make up every day.
A little reminder to those who forget that everyone is different. Nobody knows everything that is going on in each others life, especially a strangers. So please stop and think before you speak. I am worried about society and the impact words can have.
Oh and, there is nothing WRONG with my face. There is nothing WRONG with anyone else’s face either. It’s a personal choice whether someone wears make up or not and I admire whichever your confidence embraces.’

This was a Facebook post I wrote a year ago now. I remember clearly the anger I had fueling my fingers while typing this bad boy out faster than any fingers have ever typed before. It wasn’t an anger towards the people who said it to me though. It wasn’t an anger towards the way it shocked me time after time again. It was an anger towards what those words could do to others. The way that we see the world and the way that people treat each other.

I can easily say that no comment like this would make me change my ways. I am a bare faced red head going about her day with all freckles, pimples, baggy eyes exposed.

I can also easily say that I am literally IN LOVE with people that do wear make up. I am literally IN LOVE with those who don’t wear it too.

Have you ever watched one of those make up tutorials on Youtube and your mind was just throwing a damn party because it was learning so many things?! I mean COME ON! How did you get that eyeliner so perfect and your brows looking like an angel just swept on down and put those babies in perfect place. It is an artwork which they create, enhancing every detail until the end result is nothing short of amazing. I have a dismal amount of make up products in a draw in the bathroom which I use sometimes if I have an event to go to and feel like spicing it up a bit but I also know that if I get stuck, there are all these amazing ARTISTS out there which I can go to and give me a helping hand. Thank you by the way! You guys are the best.

I will tell you a few reasons WHY I, myself choose not to wear make up daily;

  1. I can not be bothered. I set about 8 alarms every morning and without a doubt, I won’t be getting my sleepy ass out of my bed until that last alarm finally gets me up. 15 minutes extra sleep? I thank you ma’am.

  2. I don’t know how to do it right. Is there even a right way? I could watch all the tutorials in the world but I still wouldn’t be able to get my contour ‘on fleek’.

  3. Self-confidence. You might be thinking ‘What is she going on about’ but honestly. If I decided to mix up my routine and start to wear make up to work. I would feel self-conscious about whether it looks bad or not. Is she judging me on how I did my eye shadow? Do I have an orange line going around my face? I bet there is mascara running down my cheek.

  4. I rub my eyes, lick my lips, touch my face way too much. I would make a bloody mess of myself before 11am.

  5. Listen here society… One thing that boils my blood more than anything is the perception that for a woman to be looked upon as ‘professional’ or ‘clean-cut’, it requires you to wear make up. Sure, a professional woman has every right to wear make up IF SHE FEELS LIKE IT but she also has every right to not wear it if she doesn’t want to.

    I know that make up has amazing benefits to people. It can make you feel empowered. It can help the confidence of so many girls out there and I LOVE that about it. I LOVE make up and everything it is but society has cast a dark light on it for those women who don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I can’t tell you how many times I have read articles or jobs advertised which ask for a clean-cut, impeccable appearance, professional applicants only to apply. At job interviews they judge the way that you look. The way you do your hair and the amount of make up on your face. Too little? Too much? How about judge us on our ability. On our qualifications and the manners that we portray. Do not let make up be a mandatory condition/requirement. This is my number 5.

Whichever you are, make up wearer or not. Please know that I am admiring you. I admire your courage, your self confidence and your ability of being totally you. You are allowed to shine however you choose, so lets all shine so bright.

♥ Chels


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