Maxi Blues

Do you have that one person in your life where whatever they do, something weird happens to them or they are just the unluckiest person? Stepping in a pile of dog poop on the way to a big interview or running into their ‘crush’ in the street not knowing that a bird above knew this encounter was about to happen and decided to time their toilet stop right on the top of that persons’ head at that very moment?

Well hello, hi, how are ya? I am that person for those who know me.

Weird things have always happened to me throughout my life and to be honest, it keeps me on my toes. Who knows what might happen, it is an exciting adventure for not only myself but those around me too.

ABDUCTED BY ALIENS? I’m up for that.

Maxi skirts/dresses… Oh yes, they might seem innocent and aren’t they just the comfiest piece of clothing a gal can wear, but man they can have a mind of their own. Have you ever been wearing a maxi with those slits in the side and wondered ‘Imagine if I get caught on something wearing this’.

Let me tell you, YOU CAN.

The first escapade happened when I was walking down the street with my boyfriend. There was a dog sitting patiently for it’s owner who had left it near a bench seat outside a shop. Ricky kept walking ahead of me while I stopped to say hello. Next minute I get up and start walking fast to catch up with Ricky and my maxi skirt got caught between two of the pieces of wood on the seat resulting in catapulting me backwards and almost ripping my skirt in half.
Embarrassing maxi episode number 1.
(This has happened multiple times since, oops! Just can’t get enough of wearing maxi’s it seems).

Number 2. Ohhhh number 2. I was in a huge shopping centre going down an escalator.

Yes I know what you’re thinking.

What could possibly go wrong…?

The corner of my skirt was getting eaten up between two of the escalator steps. Like a t-rex eating it’s favourite meal. I realised about half way down that it felt like something was pulling on my skirt and at that moment I have never been more determined to rip something in my life. There were people in front of me and behind me so there was no time to lose. I could see the steps starting to disappear in front of me and I knew if I got to the bottom, my skirt would be getting ripped off. Wearing the comfiest and ugliest undies I own, there was no way I was going to let the escalator expose such horror. I was turning green…into the Incredible Hulk and with a couple of super hero pulls, my skirt came out of the clasps of those escalator, t-rex teeth with a mighty noise and I happily skipped off the bottom with a laugh and a huge sense of relief.

I have been caught on door handles, tripped up stairs while wearing them and of course when it is windy, it is hard holding that much fabric down when holding a lot of shopping bags.

To my pals in the unlucky department, just letting you know that you’re not alone and we aren’t actually ‘unlucky’.
We are gifted at making every day an exciting one.

♥ Chels

25 Fun facts

  1. I only ever wear make-up when there is a special occasion on. I can go 6 months without putting a brush of anything on my face.
  2. I was TERRIFIED of dogs up until I was about 9 or 10 years old. Now you can’t stop me from saying hello and wanting to take home every dog I see.
  3. I had dengue fever in 2012/2013.
  4. I have broken my elbow, thumb a couple of times, little finger and I currently have a fracture in my sesamoid bone in my foot.
  5. I am not a fan of the icing on certain cakes. I peel it off like a weirdo unless it’s chocolate because let’s be serious, chocolate is the best.
  6. I started my first job when I was 13. I had 2 jobs by the age of 15 and then I worked 3 jobs at 17. I now only have one and work full time.
  7. I have double jointed thumbs.
  8. I have a sponsor child in Cambodia. His name is Hon Chandara and I have been sponsoring him for over 5 years now. He is amazing.598341_10151541475686959_401443478_n
  9. Smirnoff double blacks are my favourite alcoholic drink.
  10. I sing about everything. (I actually asked Ricky, my boyfriend for a fun fact about me and this is what he said haha!!)

  11. Orangutans are my favourite animal. Being called a ‘Ranga’ is in no way an insult to me. I LOVE them and I hope if I ever get to meet one in person, our red hair forms some kind of special connection. (Yes don’t worry, I know by now you are thinking I am a total nutcase)
  12. I always find myself having deep an meaningful conversations with strangers every day about the strangest of things. I love hearing people’s stories.
  13. I am scared of swimming. I cried at every swimming lesson at school up until grade 3. I still hate it.
  14. I don’t drink tea or coffee.
  15. I blush VERY easily about everything and anything. It is hilarious.

  16. Pinky promises are still legit to me. I will break your pinky…
  17. I have no piercings or tattoos.
  18. There is a chicken pox scar on the tip of my nose which looks like my nose is dented.
  19. I spoke about sexual health in front of a room full of sex educators at a seminar.
  20. I hate when people don’t use a capital ‘i’ in sentences. For example; ‘I don’t know when i will get there.’ Oh man it irritates me more than it probably should haha!

  21. I was chess champion in grade 6.
  22. I have never had my eyebrows waxed.
  23. I pick my nails when anxious/nervous.
  24. I smile all the damn time. Even in bad situations, you will still see me smiling. It is both a pro and a con.
  25. Weird/unlucky things happen to me often and it keeps my life entertaining.

    In my next blog post I may elaborate… Maybe.

Hope you found out a couple of new things about me. Leave a comment about some fun facts about yourself if you please. I would love to hear them!

Until next time,

♥ Chels.



I have been pondering on the idea of starting a blog for a while now. I even signed up and looked at the blank page for months but now I seem to have found a will to let the rambling in my head finally come out.

I love watching people, not in a freaky ‘I’m stalking you until you run’ way but in an intrigued and empathetic way.

The way someone looks at their friends or family.
The love between a couple.
The joy in the eyes of those experiencing happiness.
The excitement that a child gets when given an ice cream or treat.
I love to see people being kind to one another.
The passion that one gets when talking about something they love.
All these things make the world a little lighter and a whole heap brighter.

It isn’t always the good things that we see though. There are people with so much sadness in their eyes that makes me wonder what is going on in their life. I watch a persons’ body language to see how they react to certain words or situations and I always try to change something to make another feel a little more comfortable.
It is easy for us to oversee these indications every day. Whether you are walking down the street and see a person with their shoulders drooped and their eyes on the ground, or simply doing your shopping and there is a person struggling to reach a product on the top of the shelf.

We don’t know what might be going on in someone else’s life but you will never regret showing another person a little bit of empathy.

What happened to smiling at strangers in the street? What happened to having a chat with the person sitting next to you while waiting at the doctor’s? What about the cashier at the store you might be in? Why not smile and ask them how their day is because I can bet that they will appreciate not being treated as if they were a robot for at least one sale that day.

I don’t know when things changed in the world. Maybe they changed because scary things happen and it puts a doubt in our minds about trusting a stranger. I can totally understand this but I also wish that there was a way in which I could change it. The perceptions we have and the walls that we put up. They are all there for a reason, we think that we are protecting ourselves from something that might have the ability to hurt us but the words are always there;

‘Maybe’, ‘It Might’, ‘What if’

If we are constantly questioning what might happen in situations then are we really living in the moment like we always tell ourselves to be? When putting up that quote on Instagram and telling the world that we want to be better, do we ever follow through with those words? Or do we just make an excuse like ‘we haven’t got the time’ while we spend 4 hours of a night scrolling through social media.

One thing that I hope becomes more common in the world is kindness. So if you might be reading this I encourage you to smile a little more, laugh a little louder and love with all your heart. Try to stop questioning before you act upon an urge.


We need each other in this crazy world and every small act of kindness can create a bigger change.

♥ Chels